Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twin Peaks?

Acrylic on Canvas
About 36" x 20"?

Well... can't say I'm thrilled with this one. But I decided to try my hand at a grand landscape, taking some inspiration from the massive snowcapped mountains they got out here. It's alright, just a little too straightforward I think, trying to do whats been done, and certainly been done better. Also, that's the best name I can come up with, sorry... This painting got some final touches after this version though, I added a little fly fisherman and some highlights, and that pulled it together somewhat. My mom decided she wanted this one, and took it off my hands before I could get a final shot or measurements. She got me Red Dead Redemption in exchange though which I've been wanting but have been to broke to spring for, so . . . score, I guess! This is definitely the biggest canvas I have worked on though, and that was exciting and quite a challenge, and I think I definitely started picking up some good tips and techniques with this, which will start coming out soon (yes, I'm writing this in the future, but hopefully soon I will be all caught up to the present). Oh, but I also bumped a little guy out with my leftover colors, which I kinda like, especially after getting a super glossy coat (not a great pic, but you get the gist). It's the next post!

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