Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunset on the Hills

Acrylic on Canvas. 33.25" x 24".
Image by Ross Wilson, 2010.

I seemed to be running out of my greens, whites, and blues a lot faster than anything else, so since I can't afford new paints just on a whim I decided I had better get some use out of my reds and yellows, and I'm pretty happy with the results. At this point, I've realized a common trend in these works are night and day, moon and sun, and so forth, so I'm goign to embrace that until I get this set of ten that I'm happy with. Anyone got a clever name for this . . . 'series'?

I guess this reminds me of the rolling plains of America's Midwest, the rolling hills soaking up some fantastic sunsets. And man, those states manage to pull out this color palate that is out of this world during it's sunsets, maybe only topped by the Southwest's deserts' purples and oranges. I sort of love this one in its simplicity, honestly I just wish the sunset didn't resemble a sunny-side-up egg quite so much.

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