Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cloud Break

Acrylic on Canvas. 13" x 10".
Image by Ross Wilson, 2010.

Well here is where I start trying to go for a style. . . I don't necessairily want to limit myself to one thing, but I'd love to get a good set of 10 or so pieces in a likeminded style, then maybe they can all go together and be displayed somewhere, and maybe I can sell a painting, and maybe I can pay for rent, and if I'm lucky even pick up a few beers. If I were to pick anyone's style to emulate, hands down it would be Van Gogh. Not that this really approaches that by any means, but the idea of big, strong brush strokes and intelligent color design and manipulations, and a real direction the eye gets pulled in. . . that's what I like. I mean this one is just a little guy, a test run if you will, and also kind of an accident. Swirling colors together for about an hour on this little canvas, suddenly I added some whites and it caused the sky to just open up, giving the effect of an epic cloud break in the middle of a massive storm. I think anyway. Simple with some strong contrasts, if a little lacking in compositional depth. This is the start of where my new style is evolving, just wait and see! (yes, still writing in the future, but I'm almost all caught up!)

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