Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Mixed Paint on Canvas.
36" x 17.5"

What better way to escape the masochistic details of Pastel City than splattering some paint around on a canvas. Especially after discovering how much free paint we can get through the wonders of Craigslist! Put up a post last night, and picked up about 50 cans of all different types of paints and colors and finishes from some lovely lady who couldn't take them with her as she had to move from a house into a little apartment. So this is a small sampling of those free cans, all piled up now in the corner of our studio. Actually, this took quite a while to do. Well, about 5 minutes each visit I guess, but each time I revisited this painting would mean another 2 days to dry. Not a big fan of abstract, but it can be great, I just feel it's much more a matter of luck than skill. Anyways I think maybe I got a little lucky with this one, the colors and shapes seem to work and have some motion to them.

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