Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Traffic Jam in Pastel City

Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 20"?

I don't know what I was thinking, but this was quite an undertaking. Definitely needed a break from the detail oriented stuff after this, this was almost a full week at the studio to get done. Not that I mind spending that much time on something, I know that great work takes time. But I'll admit, I don't expect to make any truly great work anytime soon as much as I would love to, and as much as I like this piece and had fun working with the colors and the idea. . . man it was a pain in the ass. It's nice and big though, and the colors are just happy. And it also reminds of a blend of neighborhoods of good old NYC . . . the traffic of midtown, the patch-worked architecture of Alphabet City, the characters and commotion of the village. Anyway, I like that about it. Actually I really do like this one. But damn it was a pain to do. I love playing with cityscapes though, and when I rebuild my patience, I'll revisit the idea for sure.

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