Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Small Farms at Night

Acrylic on Canvas with Gloss Finish. 34.25" x 32.5".
Image by Ross Wilson, 2010.

Well now we're getting somewhere. I've got colors and shapes all pulling the viewer into a focal point nicely, and the farms, kind of an afterthought, create a lovely setting for some epic countryside vista I'd love to see. I roadtripped out to Portland from Boston earlier this summer, and I'd like to paint more places inspired by these travels. Usually though, as I'm working it all starts as colors and shapes that slowly start to pull themselves together, and sometimes they take the shape of someplace I've been, sometimes they don't. This one I have to say though seemed to find its inspiration in the rolling hills and quaint farmhouses out by Lacrosse, Wysconsin, where I spent a pretty epic three days surrounded by tasty cheeses, bad beer, and of course, June Dairy Days (or JDD if you don't want to sound like an out-of-towner doncha know). Just looking at this is setting off the cravings for more deep fried cheese curds.

So what do you like better, the moon or the sun? I'd have to go moon, but I'm an insomniac and days (especially mornings) never agreed too much with me, especially when it's hot.

So I'm looking at a farm, out in Brush Prairie, about 20 minutes on past Vancouver, trying to help my mom find a new home, whereas she works overseas most of the year, I'll set up shop out there myself to take care of it while she's gone. After 6 years in NYC, can't say it's a path I expected to go down, but it's pretty exciting nonetheless! Might get some chickens and shit. Maybe goats. Crazy, right? Kinda hope it works out.

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