Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Acrylic on Canvas. 22" x 19.25".
Image by Ross Wilson, 2010.

I told you more icebergs were coming!

I painted this in a couple hours at Vancouver's First Friday street fair. Which if you haven't been out here, First Friday is Vancouver's answer to Last Thursday in Portland. And of course Last Thursday is NE Portland's answer to SE Portland's First Thursday. Anyways, to sum them up, First Thursday is a lovely, well organized festival with some fantastic artwork and incredibly talented people setting up tables to display their work. Last Thursday is a free-for-all where apparently anyone can go and set up a booth or table or play music or read fortunes or paint or sing or sell pompom dresses or buy Voodoo Donuts or whatever along Alberta Street. Anything goes. And you get this incredible mix of terrible and awesome talent with great food and crowded streets and this wonderful atmosphere of mayhem and talent I can't picture anywhere besides Portland. And then there's First Friday, again an anything goes event, but we got there along with like 12 other booths and what seemed to be just the normal Friday night crowd thinking, "huh . . . looks like something's going on here tonight." Anyways, it's no Last Thursday but maybe word will get out. It was still a lot of fun, and I painted this thing, and managed to sell another painting (I didn't get a picture of it first, but it was in the style of my last postings "Cloud Break" except with more of a red, desert and dunes and sun kinda feel) for 10 bucks, which totally bought me a cold sixer and a bag of Doritos!

Anyways, I like it well enough, and a thick layer of glossy finish totally brought out the oceany and icy feel, and the strong orange against the blue creates a nice, highly contrasted effect. Little off balance, but I guess it works.

Photograph by Susan Strand

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