Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two Sketches - Waking Up and Cornered

Time to kill in these insomniac nights is too easily wasted with a few cold beers and a DVD set of The Shield (season 7! Almost done!). As of late I have found picking up a sketch pad and a pack of black bics makes me feel slightly more productive in these otherwise wasted nights. These two are my favorites from the past few evenings.

Waking Up

Pen on Paper, Scanned with Photoshop Touch Up
7" x 8.25"

This one is just kind of pleasant, I suppose, despite the how despicable the situation of a buzzing alarm pulling you back from a dream can be. Of course, drawing this at 4 AM in fear of this looming moment drawing closer darkens it somewhat for me, but I guess it should be viewed in its simplicity rather than late night over-analysis. Or with the half full appreciation of whatever night's rest you can get and the return of the wandering mind ready for another day of waking life. And then, it's just kind of pleasant.


Pen on Paper, Scanned
8.5" x 11"

This one not as much. But I there are a few things I like about it. The sketchy mess captures the comic book dark tone of the situation, and the man's shadows don't jump out until after initially focusing on the cornered girl. Her face carries an expression that jumps between crazed courage and fear. A racing mind building the strength to pull a trigger for the first time. It's a little dark.

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