Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tree on a Hill

Acrylic on Canvas.
Image by Ross Wilson, 2010.

This one I was really happy with myself, but I have to give thanks to Richard Robinson's youtube series of painting lessons, in particular the infused light video. Anyone interested in learning a bit about technique especially color and lighting theory I would highly recommend checking out some of his videos! So the subject matter isn't anything novel, I love the way the different elements balance each other, and I think the swoop of clouds, which was kind of an afterthought, frames the tree nicely. But those background hills, I think this is my most successful attempt at creating a sense of distance through color. This is anoyhter small one, now that I have had some more successful practice with these techniques I would like to try them on a larger scale. Other things have picked up lately and are keeping me from the studio, but I will try to be back working again soon!

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